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1879 Death of Hannah HOGG (formerly JOHNSTON)

Name of Deceased Hannah HOGG
Date of Death 30 November 1879 (age 29)
Place of Death Barwon Heads, Victoria, Australia
Occupation Farmers wife
Cause of Death Exhaustion from haemorrhage after confinement (after birth retained) (placenta retained causing haemorrhage)
Father's Name John JOHNSTON (farmer)
Mother's Name Martha JOHNSTON (formerly BUSH) 1)
Informant John JOHNSTON (father) of Barwon Heads
Registrar A J Abercrombie, Mount Duneed
Registration Date 2 December 1879
Burial Date 2 December 1879
Burial Place Mount Duneed Cemetery, Methodist Section, Mount Duneed, Victoria, Australia
Minister at Burial Rev R Fitcher, Wesleyan Minister
Birth Place Manchester, England
Years in Colony 25 years in Victoria
Where Married Geelong
Age at Marriage 26 years
Spouse Alexander HOGG
Daughter Hannah Martha HOGG (15 months)
Daughter Catherine HOGG (1 day)

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