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The great grandfathers grandfather; a far ancestor; or forefather.

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1883-1968 Earl BROWNE of Maidstone, England

Birth Name Earl BROWNE
Birth Date 24 March 1883
Birth Place 65 St James Street, Brighton, Sussex, England
Father 1859 Walter James BROWNE
Mother 1859- Emily Sophia EVENDEN
Sister 1884- Violet BROWNE
Brother 1897- George Herbert BROWNE
Brother Sydney BROWNE
Sister 1880- May BROWNE
Brother 1880- Walter Frederick Sidney BROWNE
Date of Death 6 June 1968
(age 83)
Place of Death “Greenhills”, Main Road, Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia
Cause of Death Arteriosclerosis (Heart Attack)

Marriage of Earl and Agnes

Husband 1883-1968 Earl BROWNE of Maidstone, England
(age 29 years)
Wife 1889-1974 Agnes Winifred RATTRAY of St Kilda
(age 23 years)
Marriage Date 31 December 1912
Marriage Place St Stephens, Richmond, Victoria, Australia
Son 1914-2006 William Clyde BROWNE of Richmond, Australia
Son 1915- Alexander BROWNE of Richmond, Australia
Daughter 1918-1972 Jean BROWNE of Canterbury, Australia

Information about Earl


Description Earl and Agnes BROWNE at Keith and Jean's Marriage
Date 30 April 1942
Location St Marks Church, Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia
Descriptioon Robert William BROWNE, Earl BROWNE, Florence HAMER, Glenys BROWNE
Date Unknown
Location “Greenhills”, Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia

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