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The great grandfathers grandfather; a far ancestor; or forefather.

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1889-1974 Agnes Winifred RATTRAY of St Kilda

Birth Name Agnes Winifred RATTRAY
Birth Date 18 March 1889
Birth Place St Kilda, Victoria, Australia
Father 1852-1934 William RATTRAY of Paisley, Scotland
(age 39 years)
Mother 1863-1923 Caroline Elizabeth ANDERSON of Brisbane
(age 26 years)
Sister 1886- Ellen Catherine RATTRAY
(age 3 years)
Sister 1892- Isabella May RATTRAY
Sister 1893- Ethel Maud RATTRAY
Brother 1895- Alexander John RATTRAY
Sister 1899- Alice Louisa RATTRAY
Death Date 8 October 1974
(age 85 years)
Death Place Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia

Marriage of Earl and Agnes


Agnes BROWNE and Earl BROWNE at marriage of Keith JOHNSTON and Jean BROWNE, St Marks Church, Hurstbridge, 1942 Agnes BROWNE (nee RATTRAY) and grandson Laurence JOHNSTON, Greenhills, 1943

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