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1933 Death of Alexander JOHNSTON of Manchester, Lancashire, England

Name of Deceased Alexander JOHNSTON
Occupation Retired grazier
Date of Death 26 November 1933 (age 81)
Place of Death Ulverstone Curate Hospice, Cannon Street, Colac, Victoria, Australia
Cause of Death Chronic Nephritis, Heart Failure (6 months)
Father's Name John JOHNSTON (farmer)
Mother's Name Martha JOHNSTON (formerly WIGGINS) 1)
Informant Thomas Whitfield SHANNON, undertaker, authorised agent, Colac
Registration Date 27 November 1933
Burial Date 28 November 1933
Burial Place Eastern Cemetery, Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Minister at Burial W ? HOTHAM, Methodist Minister
Where Born Mancester, England
Years in Victoria 80 years in Victoria 2)
Where Married Moolap, Victoria, Australia
Age when Married 26 years
Spouse Alice ALLEN
Son Arthur (age 54)
Son John (age 52)
Daughter Hannah (age 50)
Daughter Martha (age 49)
Son Surrey (age 48)
Son Percy (deceased)
Son Bertie (deceased)

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the former name given by the informant is incorrect
this is incorrect, it is 78 years
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