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1976-06-17 Death of Reg Charles ADAMS

Name of Deceased 1913-1976 Reg Charles ADAMS of Bairnsdale
Date of Death 17 June 1976
Place of Death Bendigo
Name and Surname Reg Charles ADAMS
Occupation Not any
Sex and Age Male, 62 Years
Cause of Death Bronchopneumonia - days, Diabetes
Legal qualified medical practitioner by whom certified when he last saw deceased H. Coi, 17 June 1976
Father's Name 1876-1953 Edgar Charles ADAMS of Balmoral, Australia
Father's Occupation Unknown
Mother's Name Margaret Jane ADAMS(formerly WALTON)
Signature, description and residence of informat Ena Adams, 15 Keck Street Bendigo.
Date Registrated 14 July 1976
Place Registrated Melbourne
Date of Burial 21 June 1976
Place of Burial Bendigo Cemetery
1st Witness J. Summere
2nd Witness J. Campbell, Church of England
Place of Birth Bairnsdale, Victoria
Period of Residence in Australia 62 years in Australia
Where Married Bendigo, Victoria
Age 24 Years
Bride Adelaide Ena McROBERT
Son Charles Morris (37 years)
Son Geoffrey Russell (34 years)
Daughter Lynnette Joan (30 years)
Daughter Kathryn Lesley,(27 years)

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