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The great grandfathers grandfather; a far ancestor; or forefather.

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1923-2021 Iris Annie HUNT

Birth Name Iris Annie HUNT
Birth Date 5 August 1923
Birth Place Birregurra, Victoria, Australia
Death Date 15 June 2021




Paternal Grandparents Maternal Grandparents
Thomas HUNT 1838-1906 George BUSH of Ballinderry, Ireland
Louisa HOPGOOD 1842-1928 Catherine JOHNSTON of Templeport, Ireland

Marriage of Stanley and Iris

Date of Marriage 18 December 1948
Place of Marriage Colac, Victoria, Australia
Husband Stanley Bult CRABBE
Son 1951-1964 Gregory William CRABBE
Daughter Valwyn CRABBE
Daughter Leanne CRABBE
Daughter Julie CRABBE


crabbe-iris-annie.pdf Funeral notice for Iris Annie CRABBE
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