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Alexander Johnston and Alice Allen Grave Restoration

Eastern Cemetery Geelong

Alexander and Alice's grave is in need of some tender loving care. 
Alexander's inscription is barely visible now.
Thankfully Alice's inscription is quite legible as it appears that someone has had it repaired.

Who is there

Plot Buried within Death Date Relationship
Section 06
EAS-METH-06-807-220 Alexander Johnston 26 November 1933 Husband
EAS-METH-06-807-220 Alice Johnston 10 September 1924 Wife

The plot is owned by Alexander Johnston and therefore his descendants.

The site today

Her beloved husband
Alexander Johnston
Who died 26 Nov 1933
Aged 81 Years
“Passed to the higher life”
In Fond Memory of
My Beloved Wife
Alice Johnston
Who died 10th September, 1924.
Aged 66 Years.
Weep not for me my children dear,
I am not dead, but sleeping here,
And when you come my grave to see,
prepare yourselves to follow me.

Restoration Timeline

Date Progress
23rd May 2013 Asked Bartletts Stone masons in Geelong to provide a quote for restoration works
31st May 2013 Receive quote from Bartletts ($220 clean , $440 white paint)
? Contact another stone mason in Geelong to provide a quote for restoration works
+1 week Receive quote from other stone mason
? Interested cousins to contribute to a pool to cover the costs of restoration
? Initiate work to be done to have the site restored
? Pay 50% up front for restoration work to commence
? Pay remainder on completion
? Photographs of the restored site on here for everyone to see

Known descendants

The children of Alexander and Alice were: Arthur, John George, Hannah Mary, Martha Alice, William, Surrey Alexander, Percy Albert, Bertie Harold. William died as a child. Percy Albert and Bertie Harold both died in World War I in France. Arthur married Eliza Ethel Ennis. John George married Ada Lillian Fisher Little. Hannah Mary married Gilbert Wilfred Learey. Martha Alice married Eskine Kilpatrick. Surrey Alexander married Evelyn Campbell Nicholas.

Descendant Relationship
Laurie Johnston Grandson of Arthur Thomas
Graeme Johnston Grandson of Arthur Thomas
David Johnston Great grandson of Arthur Thomas
Trevor Learey Grandson of Hannah Mary
Dot Wallis Daughter of Martha Alice
Ray Wallis Grandson of Martha Alice
John Meredith Grandson of Surrey Alexander

Completed Restoration August 2014

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