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1906 Birth of Adelaide Ena McROBERT

Title Information
Birth Date 28 December 1906
Birth Place 364 Barnard Street, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Name at Birth Adelaide Ena McROBERT
Father William Graham McROBERT (age 40)
Father's Occupation Grazier
Father's Birth Place Heathcote, Victoria, Australia
Mother Adelaide Gleeson Murray McROBERT (formerly CAHILL) (age 36)
Mother's Birth Place Graytown, Victoria, Australia 1)
Informant William Graham McROBERT (father), 364 Barnard Street, Bendigo
Birth Location Home
Assisting Birth Sister COOK & Mrs PATTERSON
Date of Registration 25 February 1907

Birth Certificate

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actually Spring Creek, Victoria which is nearby
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