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1956 Death of Arthur Thomas JOHNSTON

Title Information
Name of Deceased Arthur Thomas JOHNSTON
Date of Death 8 April 1956 (age 75)
Place of Death Panton Hill, Victoria, Australia
Occupation Retired Greengrocer
Cause of Death Uremia and Carcinoma of the stomach
Father Alexander JOHNSTON (grazier)
Mother Alice JOHNSTON (formerly ALLEN)
Informant J PICKETT, authorised agent, 5 Sellers St, Greensborough
When Registered 13 April 1956
When Buried 10 April 1956
Where Buried Diamond Creek Cemetery, Victoria, Australia
Undertaker J PICKETT of Taylor and Son
Witnesses of Burial N HARRISON and A J MAYNE
Where Born Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Years in Australia life
1st Marriage Eliza Ethel ENNIS
1st Marriage Place Birregurra, Victoria, Australia
1st Marriage Age 26 years
Daughter Ethel Victoria May (age 48)
Daughter Jean Alice (age 44)
Son Keith Thomas (age 40)
Daughter Joyce Lorraine (age 37)
2nd Marriage Alice Beatrice CRACKNELL
2nd Marriage Place Diamond Creek, Victoria, Australia
2nd Marriage Age 63 years

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