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1912-1974 Jean Alice JOHNSTON of Birregurra

Birth Name Jean Alice JOHNSTON
Known as Aunty Jean
Birth Date 1912
Birth Place Birregurra, Victoria, Australia
Death Date 16 February 1974
(age 62 years)
Death Place New South Wales, Australia
Cause of Death Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)
Burial Date 20 February 1974
Burial Place Springvale, Victoria, Australia
Burial Place A F Alway Lawn, Row N, Grave 41, Springvale Botanical Cemetery




Marriage of Jean and George

Husband 1905-1968 George Elgar HUGHES of Essendon
Wife 1912-1974 Jean Alice JOHNSTON of Birregurra
Date of Marriage 1933
Place of Marriage
Daughter Noel HUGHES
Daughter Lorraine HUGHES

About Jean

Jean suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis.


Jean JOHNSTON, 3rd from right at the back
Arthur Johnston's farm at Little River
Jean (JOHNSTON) and George HUGHES, 1940
Lorraine and Noel at the front
Aunty Jean HUGHES
Death certificate for Jean HUGHES

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