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1915 Birth of Keith Thomas JOHNSTON

Name at Birth Keith Thomas JOHNSTON
Birth Date 18 May 1915
Birth Place Birregurra, Victoria, Australia
Father Arthur Thomas JOHNSTON (age 35)
Father's Occupation Farmer
Father's Place of Birth Point Henry (near Geelong), Victoria, Australia
Mother Eliza Ethel ENNIS (age 29)
Mother's Place of Birth Birregurra, Victoria, Australia
Parent's Date of Marriage 6 June 1906
Parent's Place of Marriage Birregurra, Victoria, Australia
Sister Ethel Victoria May (age 7)
Sister Alice Jean (age 2)
Informant Arthur Thomas JOHNSTON (father)
Present at Birth Dr KIRKPATRICK, Mrs HICKEY, Mrs ENNIS
When Registered 11 June 1915
Where Registered Birregurra, Victoria, Australia
Registrar William ENNIS

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