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1969-07-27 Death of Keith Thomas JOHNSTON

Name and Surname Keith Thomas JOHNSTON
Date of Death 27 July 1969
Usual place of Residence Main Road, Hurstbridge
Occupation Greengrocer
Sex and Age Male, 54 years
Cause of Death Coronary Thrombosis- minutes Arteriosclerosis- years
Legally qualified medical practitioner by whom certified and when he last saw deceased D. Cordner, 7 July 1969
Father Arthur Thomas JOHNSTON
Mother Eliza Ethel JOHNSTON ( formerly Ennis )
Informat L. Johnston
Signature of Registration Officer J. Crimbie
Date of Registration 12 August 1969
Place of Registration Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Burial Date 30 July 1969
Burial Place Cremated at Fawkner Crematorium
Undertaker of Burial H.Apps
1st Witness E.Robertson
2nd Witness L. Mcglashan
Where Born Birregurra, Victoria, Australia
Years in Australia 54 Years in Victoria
Place of Marriage Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia
Age 25
To whom Jean BROWNE
Conlugal Condition at date of death Married
Son Laurence Keith JOHNSTON (26)
Son Barry Raymond JOHNSTON (23)
Son Neil Alexander JOHNSTON (20)
Son Graeme David JOHNSTON (16)

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