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1918-1972 Jean BROWNE of Canterbury, Australia

Birth Name Jean BROWNE
Known As Grandma
Birth Date 9 August 1918
Birth Place Canterbury, Victoria, Australia
Death Date 8 April 1972
Death Place Plenty, Victoria, Australia
Cremation Date 11 April 1972
Cremation Place Fawkner, Victoria, Australia
Burial Place 6th Avenue Cross of Roses (Cross)




Marriage of Jean and Keith

Husband 1915-1969 Keith Thomas JOHNSTON of Birregurra
(age 26 years)
Wife 1918-1972 Jean BROWNE of Canterbury, Australia
(age 23 years)
Marriage Date 30 April 1942
Marriage Place St Marks Church of England, Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia
Son Laurence JOHNSTON
Son 1946-1980 Barry Raymond JOHNSTON of Hurstbridge
(age 27 years)
Son 1949-2007 Neil Alexander JOHNSTON of Hurstbridge
(age 30 years)

Information about Jean


Jean BROWNE 1939
Jean BROWNE 1942
Joy Lake and children with Jean BROWNE and Patricia ROGERS, about 1951
Laurence and Jean JOHNSTON, 1943

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